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Welcome to Creative Arts Crafts & Framing

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A selection of Excellent Art available for purchase in store. Come visit us!

By understanding creativity, we can turn every surface into a canvas. It's the art of imagination. Our products and advice can transform your world. We have the soul of an artist - which is why we are inspired to offer you so much more than just paint. We're about service, premium quality in a range of products that are always about excellence - from fine art materials and creative craft supply to decorative paints, we're not general art people, we're specialists with the power of artistic expression. In the past, true artists mixed their own paints - they were chemists of creativity; grandmaster's of colour and understood texture, surface and application in the creation of a masterpiece. From materials for purely artistic expression to paints for master pieces, we know that application and purpose are never apart when it comes to the world of art. From the work of art on the wall to a wall that's a work of art, from the smallest fine art brush to advice you will find inspiration and innovation that is beyond only colour.

Our Purpose is to provide the best art supplies in the area so that customers are beyond satisfied. We want our customers to love our supplies and to use them. We aim to create artists and to introduce everyone to art, creating more no matter their artistic skill.

We are determined to improve and grow and so make your visit the best experience it can be.

If there is a product that you need and Its not stocked at our shop just tell us and we’ll see if we can source it for you.

082 485 5248 / peter@creativeframing.co.za